Neuromancer by W. Gibson

Plot: “Case had been the sharpest data-thief in the business, until vengeful former employers crippled his nervous system. But now a new and very mysterious employer recruits him for a last-chance run” (

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The cyberpunk movement and the cyborg

The term ‘cyberpunk’ was coined by the American writer Bruce Bethke in 1983 to describe the ‘juxtaposition of punk attitudes and high technology’. In the early 1980s, the term gained popularity among the SF writers William Gibson, Bruce Sterling, Rudy Rucker, John Shirley and Lewis Shiner, who started to categorise their works as cyberpunk. In particular, the novel Neuromancer (1984), written by William Gibson, is considered as the milestone of this literary movement.

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Player piano (1952) by Kurt Vonnegut

PLOT: “In a future America after the third great war, machines have taken all dignity from the working man. Doctor Paul Proteus is an up-and-coming engineer and manager who is in charge of the Ilium Works. His father helped establish the machines that now run the economy, and Paul is slated to follow in his footsteps. Paul, though, is overcome with doubts about the new world his father imagined, and his doubts make him vulnerable. Before he knows it, he’s lost his wife and his job, and he’s been conscripted as the leader of the revolution of man against machine” Continue reading

Man Ray: Contacts at Atlas Gallery (2013)

Man Ray (Self-portrait), 1931 © Man Ray Trust /ADAGP.


This Easter has surely been the month of Man Ray in London. In the city at the moment there are two exhibitions dedicated to one of the most celebrated artists in the world of photography. For all the fans of Man Ray, surely the National Portrait Gallery’s exhibition Man Ray: Portraits, is a golden chance to contemplate most of the artist’s famous portraits. It shows over 150 vintage prints gathered from international museums and private collections, making for one of the greatest and most extensive collections of the photographer’s aesthetic ever hosted in London. Continue reading

Luc Tuymans: Allo! at David Zwirner (2012)

Luc Tuymans, Allo! V, 2012 © Courtesy David Zwirner, New York/London

David Zwirner inaugurates its first European location with an exhibition dedicated to Luc Tuymans. The Belgian artist is currently one of world’s most prominent and influential painters, and during his long career he has explored a wide range of subjects: from the atrocities of World War II, to the Oklahoma City bombing, passing through the colonization of Zaire. The red line which connect all of Tuymans’ works is partly a sharp critique of western values and culture, and partly an investigation of memories and heritages. Continue reading


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